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The Farmers Showed Up For Us, And Now We Need To Show Up For Them! Help Support These Brave Freedom Fighters Now...
Step 1: Donate Step 2: Join our Official Group

Please select and contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to Save Freedom In America Now!

Please select and contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to Support the Dutch Farmers Now!

   Step 1: Donate To The Dutch Farmers

This is the official Dutch Farmer Funding Page
We the Dutch Farmers are fighting for our future, and yours as well: without farmers, there is no food.

We are constantly organizing actions all over the Netherlands and will keep on doing so, for as long as we need to change the plans of our government. We are honored and moved by all the worldwide support.

All your help from donations, prayers or a share of our message is incredibly appreciated. Your donations will be used to keep us moving forward:
  • Fuel costs for the tractors and truckers that ride along or are present during the demonstrations.
  • Producing demonstration material like e.g. flags, signs, banners
  • Promotion of our cause
  • Legal Costs
  • And So Much More...
Thank you very much.
United we stand.

Step 2: Join The Official Farmer's Group And Be A Part of the Movement For Freedom!

Join the Official "Dutch Farmer" group on CloutHub to stay up to date about what is happening and participate with the farmers and their campaign to restore Freedom.

The opposition is trying everything they can to keep this movement from spreading.

Inside of the Dutch Farmer (Official Group), you can stay updated on the growing Farmer movement, and be the first to stay in the know!


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