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"By supporting the Save Freedom in America campaign you are helping change the course of History.

If we don’t our liberties and freedoms may be lost forever and that's not a joke.  It's serious.

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"There can be no medical freedom without scientific freedom, and there is no point to scientific freedom without academic freedom."
"Freedom is a big word most people don’t understand. To achieve it, you need to be willing to live it. It means hard work, sacrifice, providing for yourself and helping others. It is a weighty principle but freedom is worth fighting for. And when you truly achieve it, you understand why."
President & Founder, Moms for America®
"What does it mean to be free?  At the most basic level, it requires bodily autonomy and its cousin, informed consent for medical procedures.  Then, freedom of speech, the right to tell my patients and the public my opinion about medical issues for which they need an educated professional.  People need a proper education, so that they understand our Constitution and laws, how Americans obtained our freedoms, and how fragile Democracy is. They must learn the scientific method. Finally, we must teach them discernment."
* She had her medical license suspended for questioning the CDC guidelines
"As carriers of the flame of knowledge, Scientists and Educators answer first to objective reality. They hold the sacred obligation to exercise their duties using objectivity, logic, and reason, as they share information about ourselves, the world, and the universe around us. They must have the the freedom to do so without fear of reprisal and persecution meted out by for-profit interests who answer first to their shareholders and to profit margins."
"Freedom loving citizens who still value national and personal sovereignty are now engaged in global class war against Medical Cartel, military and Intelligence agency technocrats and their allies; Big Data, Big Pharma, Big Surveillance and the Media and Social media Titans who dominate our emerging plutocracy. It is, above all, a spiritual battle against the apocalyptical forces of ignorance and greed."

Save Freedom In America

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