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Please select and contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to Justice for the Vaccinated Now!

Please select and contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to Support the Justice For The Vaccinated Now!

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This is the official Justice For The Vaccinated Funding Page
Despite what we were told, there is sufficient evidence to support the fact that the Covid-19 vaccines were rolled out prematurely and the efficacy rates that were promised were not accurate. 
Additionally, due to the premature emergency rollout of the vaccines, there was a lack of sufficient safety testing, the result being that an untold number people in Canada, the United States and around the world have been injured or died. As the governments continue to mandate additional vaccinations, based on the same faulty premises, more and more people like you are reaching a line that you are unwilling to cross. 
You feel betrayed and lied to by the authorities and the media. It takes courage to admit that perhaps following these mandates was a mistake, but you are not alone. Millions of people are taking their first step to challenge the vaccine narrative. This website has been crafted to help inform you, and hopefully support your decision to say “ENOUGH is ENOUGH” …Its time for Justice for the Vaccinated!
All your help from donations, prayers or a share of our message is incredibly appreciated. Your donations will be used to keep us moving forward:
  • Rental and expense for busses and RVs touring the country that will gather testimony from the injured and their families.
  • Record the data about injuries and deaths that governments and the medical system are ignoring. 
  • Fund public speaking events with high impact speakers.
  • Partner with media producers to bring these issues to light. 
  • Fund billboards, flyers, brochures, social media, stickers and other messaging, advertising and marketing. 
  • Present evidence for citizens’ inquiries for justice!
Thank you very much,

Justice for the Vaccinated Team 
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Journalistic Integrity
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Join the Official "Justice for the Vaccinated" group on CloutHub to stay up to date about what is happening and participate with the farmers and their campaign to restore Freedom.

The opposition is trying everything they can to keep this movement from spreading.

Inside of the Justice for the Vaccinated (Official Group), you can stay updated on the growing J4V movement, and be the first to stay in the know!

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