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Tired of woke comedy shows? Us too! So we’re doing something about it. Meet That Show Tonight. We call it sketch comedy for the rest of America. Think Saturday Night Live - only for real Americans; not the woke, and not communists!

Legendary comedian and former SNL star Jim Breuer has hosted twice. Michael Loftus (writer/producer on The George Lopez Show, regular on The Greg Gutfeld Show) is lead executive producer. We’ve done a dozen shows and audiences love it!

Yes, we do the unthinkable. Make fun of everyone. Especially The Left! But guess what? Mainstream networks, cable channels, and streaming services won’t touch us. Something about being afraid of looking friendly to the right. Social media suppresses, censors, and outright cancels our accounts. 

No worries! We have a distribution plan to reach the masses. If the left’s gonna act this absurd, they deserve to be mocked! We won’t be stopped. The stakes are huge: truth, freedom, and some real comedic entertainment. But we need your help. 

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  • America is under attack by the woke, cancel culture, which is using culture to take away our freedoms and turn us into a socialist society
  • Andrew Breitbart famously said, “politics is downstream from culture”. 
  • For generations The Left has dominated pop culture and it’s reflected in how America thinks and votes.
  • ​Now The Left is doubling down with suppression and censorship, conspiring with Big Tech, the media, academia, and now the government to silence critics.
  • ​When crazy and absurd (men can get pregnant, kindergartners need puberty blockers) becomes mainstream, comedy and satire play an important role to shut it down.
  • ​In a free society, free speech and free thought lead to an open exchange of ideas. The best ideas are embraced and adopted. Bad ideas get mocked and go away.
  • ​That Show Tonight is fighting back against the cultural take-over by exposing the truth and promoting and advancing American values.
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