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Please select and contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to Banners 4 Freedom Now!

Please select and contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to Support the Banners 4 Freedom Now!

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This is the official Banners 4 Freedom Funding Page
CloutHub Oct. 6th, 3pm ET Free "5 Small Stones" Military Medical Martial Law Online Symposium

Howdy and welcome to the 5 Small Stones & Banners 4 Freedom CloutHub “Loaves & Fish” fundraising event!

We are SO excited to have this opportunity to team up with these amazing patriots to raise awareness of the Medical and Election Tyranny in our nation.

The FIRST stone will be drawing attention to Military Medical Martial Law agenda we are all facing right this very moment. The SECOND Stone will state there is evil, unconstitutional legislation pending in 47 states, and already on the books as law in the remaining 3. This legislation allows our government to forcibly detain and medicate us without due process or our consent. Our THIRD Stone will help ensure the right leaders are put into office this election is pivotal. So we are also encouraging folks to ONLY vote on Election Day, in person, to Stop the Fraud! It’s been discovered they are taking the early voting numbers and formulating their algorithms to steal our elections… so get out and vote, but do it on Election Day ONLY!

The FOURTH Stone will display the current total number of adverse events reported to the Vaers Health & Human Service Government data base and the FIFTH Stone will draw attention to the deadly Hospital Protocols that must end now!

Psalm 20:5 says “And in the Name of our God we will Raise our Banners, and He will HEAR our petition and HEAL our land!” So we are calling on the Army of the Lord to come together and pick up their 5 Small Stones to take a stand against these giants!

Let’s bring together our “Loaves and Fish” and ask the Lord to bless it.
Donated today to Raise a Banner of Truth across this nation for the weeks leading up to Election Day.

If not US, who? If not NOW, when?

God bless you and God bless the United States of America!

Thank you very much,

Banners 4 Freedom Team

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