What Is Fund Freely?

Save Freedom In America

A Call To Fund Freedom And Save America

Fund Freely is a new Fundraising platform powered by CloutHub that is raising money for community groups and organizations working to improve their communities and address the issues they care about. 

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What is CloutHub?

CloutHub is an all-in-one social media platform that changes lives, society and humanity for good! CloutHub empowers people to connect, work together, and take action on the issues that impact their lives, communities, and country. 

Our liberties and freedoms are under attack – and we are running out of time to defend them. 

We used to have the ability to post informative videos on YouTube, share our thoughts with friends on Facebook, and call out corrupt politicians on Twitter. But these freedoms have been effectively silenced by big-tech and the existing social media platforms. 

CloutHub is providing pro-freedom loving organizations and people a place where they can live, think and speak freely.   

CloutHub also has some seriously impressive features not found anywhere else including groups with subgroups that replace Facebook Groups; discussion rooms that replace Twitter; Channels that replace YouTube and allow members to share their videos without fear of censorship, Virtual Events that replace Zoom and allows our members to hold virtual interactive events (virtual community meetings, rallies, forums, classes, business conferences, debates, concerts, etc.) with up to 100,000 participants; and so much more.

If you believe in freedom, and find yourself concerned by what is happening in the world, we encourage you to join CloutHub. 
Jeff Brain
Founder & CEO

What Is Fund Freely?

Fund Freely is a new Fundraising platform powered by CloutHub that is raising money for community groups and organizations working to defend freedom in America.

If you feel as passionately as we do about Saving the Freedoms we enjoy as much as we do, we ask you to join our nationwide effort and Donate today.

Every dollar is going to organizations that on the frontline fighting for our Freedoms!

Save Free Speech

Free Speech is under attack and we need to fight to defend it by supporting organizations who are fighting back to honor the Constitution.

This is one of great causes that we are donating towards so that we can freely speak our truths.

Save Medical Freedom

Medical Freedom is at the top of our list of causes that we collectively are fighting for.

We must push back for medical freedom for all.

Your donation will go toward organizations that are fighting for your medical freedom.

Save Election Integrity

There are a lot of problems with our election systems and processes across the country as many of us have seen during the 2020 Presidential Election.

We are funding organizations that are on the front lines fighting to secure elections so that we may have free, fair and honest elections in the future.

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